CIBRA represents all local traders and residents on Chevron Island to all levels of Government.

There are a constant flow of issues to take to Council and State Government that are specific to or affect Chevron Island locals. Parking and traffic, infrastructure and business policies plus all the local government issuses that impact of people living on this beautiful island.

We are also proud of the island, our chosen place to live, so we would like to enhance the sense of community and support all of us here together.

The CHEVRON ISLAND BUSINESS AND RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION was established with the prime objective of providing its members with benefits that would enhance their business and living opportunities and improve the environment of the area and represent the interests of CHEVRON ISLAND.

Current services include networking functions, advocacy, a newsletter, promotional events, and festivals, we act as a representative body in matters of interest to members from a apolitical position.

We also have formed alliances with a number of other business associations and stakeholders to insure we have relevance and strong representation.