About Us

CHEVRON ISLAND has a diverse range of businesses in and around Thomas Drive. We also have over 1500 people living a wonderful life on the island enjoy our weather and facilities.

The Chevron Island Business and Residents Association (CIBRA) have identified several critical barriers that this project could address in the region, including:

Future directions

Increasing of membership base has always been our main focus. Through various other strategic plans ambitious targets for numbers have been set. Unfortunately going back many years these numbers have either not been realistic or we have not had the resources to ensure we achieve them. Part of this reason is the perception of value. Members demand more and more value for their members’ fees. Sustainability has also been an issue for all business associations.

What should be done?

CHEVRON ISLAND BUSINESS AND RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION will provide enabling services. A pull promotion strategy is planned with some advertising effort and some publicity to improve our image. This will be predominantly through newsletters/website/functions and events/news/networking and meet up functions

Our Vision

“To be recognised as a professional, highly respected and relevant Business and Community Association representing business and residents. We will show leadership through providing relevance, benefits and value to our members and the business and residential community ensuring growth and prosperity. We are innovative and display integrity and are trusted amongst governing bodies. The CIBRA will be accountable and show a community spirit to ensure growth and prosperity for CHEVRON ISLAND.

Our Mission

“CIBRA will show leadership through effective representation, networking opportunities and exchange of information. We will build business and residents community trust through our commitment to these crucial aspects of growing their business and support residents. CIBRA will be accountable to the business and residents community offering relevant, informative information/promotion and community spirit.

Our Values

Our values describe our core beliefs and guide our behavior as individuals and as an organisation so that we can achieve our vision and improve the quality of services we offer to members and community.

Equality – All members are equal and have the same privilege to fair representation, access of information, synergies and to partake in networking activities.

  • Transparency – ‘There will be no hidden agendas, we all see what everyone sees’
  • Fostering Business Culture – ‘CIBRA is for businesses’ and we will continue to encourage and foster business excellence
  • Ethical – We will encourage honesty and open leadership
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – We will respect the environment, other organisations and the public.
  • Help one another – We will help the business and local community in any way we can ‘The CIBRA Spirit’

Our stakeholders

  • Traders
  • Local residents
  • Local, State and Federal government(City of Gold Coast)
  • CIBRA members
  • Sponsors
  • Innovative promotional partners of Chevron Island
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