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Chevron Island Business and Residents Association

Press release from CIBRA meeting held on 9th April 2019 at BONSAI CAFE

PRESS RELEASE 11th April 2019

Chevron Island Business and Residents Association (CIBRA)

CONTACT PEOPLE  Geoff Smith – President CIBRA Phone – 0414441468

Silvana Karupovic – Secr. CIBRA Phone – 0418108196

CLIVE HADDOW – Comunication and Projects Manager CIBRA Mobile 0438545820

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 The Chevron Island Business and Residents Association (formerly known as Chevron Island Traders association) had a members and community meeting at Bonsai café.

The night was a roaring success with over 80 people attending.

 CIBRA is supported by volunteers who are passionate about assisting and help Chevron Island prosper and grow.

 Mayor Tom Tate was in attendance and impressed the gathering with his willingness to assist and help the promotion of Chevron Island and in particular the Green Bridge which is scheduled to open in October this year.

 Council planners outlined the upgrades to lighting and road works in anticipation of the opening of the Green Bridge and information was made available for attendees.

Council has also started the road works along Mawarra Street to widen the pedestrian pathways that will connect to the Green Bridge and be ready for the opening – Illuminated lights on either end of the island are getting installed with a “Welcome to Chevron Island” sign at each end. The streets of Chevron are getting new lighting in readiness for the new activation of the Island Nightlife. That will include lighting of trees and pathways leading from Surface Paradise HOTA

“It was great to see the business community get into the spirit of the event, with over 80 attendees attending. The feeling of residents and Traders was positive and supportive and we are so happy that the council is listening to our concerns and are willing to work with us” said Geoff Smith President CIBRA.

 “We have never had this level of support from residents and members and also the high level of consultation with the Mayor and Council has been fantastic” said Geoff.

“CIBRA has been successful in lobbying with council to revamp the lighting in Thomas Drive which includes illuminated welcome signs on each end of the island  and work is to start soon, the whole island is excited to be part of the rejuvenation of Chevron Island”                                                                                               

Councilor Gary Baildon also attended. 

Mayor Tom Tate outlined the vision to create a “Cultural Corridor” between HOTA and Surfers Paradise presenting Chevron Island with a great opportunity to become part the cultural corridor.

 “We are also happy to look at options to work with landlords and CIBRA to support projects which can use vacated office space on Chevron” said the Mayor.

 “We are looking at extending the WI FI option from the tram lines further into Chevron Island so that business people can still continue to work with free WI FI while having coffee or food in Chevron Island.” Said Mayor Tom Tate.

 “We are open to the community’s suggestions about making Korman Family Park family friendly by fencing and installing BBQ designated facilities. We are also seeking input regarding the construction of a car park facility but we do not want a stock standard design we want the construction to be part of the cultural corridor and reflect a unique look “Said the Mayor.

 Some of the residents raised concerns about the traffic congestion on the island and asked if there were any plans to widening the bridge, Mayor Tate’s response was “ There are no plans for bridge widening and our current focus is the bridge at Isle of Capri because expanding that bridge would have a positive impact on the Chevron Island traffic”

 Most of the residents were happy with the traffic because it meant that there’s trade on the island and they welcomed development because it will bring new blood into the precinct which will help rejuvenate the retail and trade.

“We are blown away by the collaborate approach the council is making by working with us and the community. We should also embrace the new developments on the island such as Allure which will bring a new look and feel to the island. Development is part of life and we need to ensure we work with all parties to ensure our island remain relevant.

Exciting times are ahead for Chevron Island and CIBRA welcomes input from local residents and traders.” Said President Geoff Smith.


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